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About me

Hey Jessie!

Jessie Wrona is a Manhattan based singer, actor, dancer, and overall creator hailing from Rochester, NY.  For as long as she can remember Jessie has been singing and humming to the music that filled her world (consisting of the varied selections of the band Queen, Nora Jones, and of course the voice of any Disney Princess.) After years of singing to herself her parents finally decided to put her on stage and the rest is history! 

Jessie was fortunate to grow up in the artistically rich City of Rochester, NY and attend School of The Arts, a high school centered around cultivating passion in the arts. Beginning at the age of 11 she began performing in both community theater and productions produced by her school. She was then able to attend the Geva Theater Summer Academy, a young artist training program run by the equity theater in her hometown, where she learned very quickly that her passion for theater would become much more than an after school hobby. 

Jessie continued studying her craft at Marymount Manhattan College, where she spent four years in the BFA Musical Theater program, with a minor in business management (a genuine love for accounting is rare and must be exploited). While at Marymount she was able to perform in productions including experimental projects with directors such as Larry Fuller, Damon Evans, and Pat Birch. 

When not performing Jessie is usually snuggled up watching her favorite animal themed reality show (including but not limited to: The Zoo, The Incredible Doctor Pol, and Rocky Mt. Vet). If all else fails Jessie is most likely working one of her many side hustles as an educator. Whether it is teaching toddlers how to paint, teenagers the fundamentals of music and acting, or sharing the joys of a talking circle she is always in her happy place spreading joy and knowledge through art. 


Thanks for joining on that whirlwind tour of life and hope to collaborate with you soon! 

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